Research & customer insights

Our user research and customer insights services


One-on-one interviews with users or customer facing staff provide deep insights into core needs, motivations and actual behaviours. A great technique for discovering what users actually do (not what they say they do).

Customer journey mapping

Communicating how a user’s relationship with your business is experienced through a customer journey map provides a high level visual narrative set over time and across channels (online and offline).

Task analysis

We interview and observe users to analyse the key tasks or processes they undertake to achieve a goal. We investigate context, information needs & sources, emotive state, channels and devices used at each step.

Contextual enquiries

Embedding ourselves into a user’s environment to observe them interacting with a site or system provides valuable access to actual user behaviour. Learning their pain points then highlights opportunities for system improvement.

Business requirements

Your customers may not care about your KPIs, targets or strategic direction but we ensure your business drivers are respected & addressed throughout the project process.

Online surveys

Writing a successful survey is not just about clicking the launch button. We are experts at every part of the process and do it better than the rest.

User requirements

Following from user research, we can produce an extensive user requirements document to help our clients better understand the needs of their user groups.


Personas are fictional representations of your key user groups who are constructed through research data. They are used to guide design decisions by representing the various needs, goals, and observed behaviour patterns among your customers.

Benchmark analysis

By understanding how your competitors are leading or lagging allows us to help your business learn, pivot and adjust to a leading market position.

Ethnographic research

Observing people in their natural habitat is by far the best way to learn about the context that surrounds their behaviour. Unique insights from this type of research can fast-track solving existing business problems as well as open doors to innovation.

Web analytics

Our trained quantitative researchers can analyse and deliver insights that make sense of what is happening on your site and then deliver these findings to you in an easy-to-understand format.

Focus groups

When the perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes of your customers must be understood you need to get people into a room. Our skilled facilitators capitalise on group dynamics to get the best from individual participants.

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PeakXD is a niche customer research and experience design consultancy, based in Brisbane, Australia. We are one of Australia’s most established and experienced agencies and have been operating since 2003.

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Department of Home Affairs

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