Courses and dates

Course A: Customer discovery - research

Designing and conducting research to understand your customers

$245 AUD

  • How to define your target audience and be inclusive
  • Designing research to understand your customers
  • Comparing research methods (opinion vs behavioural / quant. vs qual.)
  • How to be a better researcher to get accurate insights
  • Activity: Brainstorming and affinity diagramming to define your audience groups
  • Activity: Conduct a low-cost social media review
  • Activity: Design a research plan
  • Date: 17 July 2024

  • Time: 10 am - 12 pm AEST

  • MS Teams Live Virtual

Course B: Customer discovery - personas

Creating personas, user stories and empathy maps to build empathy

$245 AUD

  • Tools and methods to synthesize your research data
  • Creating personas and archetypes to build empathy
  • Success tips for personas to ensure they are useful
  • Writing user stories and prioritising user needs
  • Activity: Create a persona based on provided research
  • Activity: Write user stories to document user requirements
  • Activity: Participate in an empathy mapping workshop
  • Date: 1 August 2024

  • Time: 10 am - 12 pm AEST

  • MS Teams Live Virtual

Course C: Customer journey mapping

Conducting research, synthesising data and creating journey maps

$245 AUD

  • Task analysis & interviews to understand customer journeys
  • How to interpret research data and synthesize findings
  • How to run a customer journey mapping workshop
  • Tools to create a visual customer journey map to build empathy
  • Activity: Conduct or participate in a user interview and task analysis
  • Activity: Participate in a workshop to create a digital customer journey map using Miro
  • Date: 6 August 2024

  • Time: 10 am - 12 pm AEST

  • MS Teams Live Virtual

Course D: Card sorting & IA Design

How to conduct card sorting and IA design

$245 AUD

  • How to write cards and set up a card sort
  • Remote online card sorting vs moderated card sorting
  • Analysing results, IA schemas and IA design sessions
  • Common user navigation behaviours & psychology
  • Activity: Complete a card sorting activity as a participant
  • Activity: Analyse card sorting data and collaboratively design an IA
  • Date: 13 August 2024

  • Time: 10 am - 12 pm AEST

  • MS Teams Live Virtual

Course E: Expert reviews

How to conduct expert reviews using design principles and user walkthroughs

$245 AUD

  • Visual, interaction and form design principles
  • 10 usability heuristics & how to apply them
  • Pros and cons of expert reviews vs testing
  • How to use a heuristic checklist to conduct reviews
  • Activity: Participate in a group expert review
  • Date: 15 August 2024

  • Time: 10 am - 12 pm AEST

  • MS Teams Live Virtual

Course F: Co-design

Running collaborative design workshops with stakeholders and customers

$245 AUD

  • Running a co-design workshop with customers or stakeholders
  • Online remote workshops vs in-person workshops
  • Prototyping tools to document workshop design outcomes
  • How to engage stakeholders through your whole project
  • Activity: Participate in a co-design workshop including sketching and collaboratively designing using Miro
  • Date: 20 August 2024

  • Time: 10 am - 12 pm AEST

  • MS Teams Live Virtual

Course G: Remote UX testing with users

Conducting IA tree testing and wireframe testing

$245 AUD

  • Writing a test plan for remote testing (vs moderated testing)
  • Recruiting remote test participants
  • Testing technologies for remote IA & wireframe testing
  • Making sense of your test data: structural vs labelling IA issues
  • Activity: Write test plan as a group
  • Activity: Build and set up a remote IA test using online tools provided
  • Activity: Complete another team’s IA and Chalkmark test
  • Date: 3 September 2024

  • Time: 10 am - 12 pm AEST

  • MS Teams Live Virtual

Course H: Moderating UX testing

Planning and moderating UX test sessions with users

$245 AUD

  • Key steps for usability testing
  • Writing a usability test plan for moderated testing (vs remote)
  • Common mistakes when moderating live test sessions
  • Analysing results: feedback versus observed behaviours
  • Activity: Write test plan as a group
  • Activity: Participate in or observe a mock usability test session
  • Date: 10 September 2024

  • Time: 10 am - 12 pm AEST

  • MS Teams Live Virtual

2-hour interactive courses (standalone or as a series)

Pick and choose the topics you are interested in to quickly gain micro-credentials in a specific area or complete the whole series to gain all the UX skills you require for an end-to-end process.

Who are these short courses for

  • Aspiring UX designers seeking foundational knowledge
  • UX designers looking to refine their skills
  • Product managers wanting to understand user experience principles
  • Marketing professionals aiming to enhance customer engagement
  • Content writers interested in better understanding your customers
  • Developers interested in improving user interface design
  • Business analysts who work with user data and feedback
  • People passionate about user experience and customer journey mapping
  • Anyone involved in product development and design looking to improve their UX/CX expertise

Digital Options Upgrade

Sign up for the whole UX series of 8 courses and upgrade to access templates and online learning to refresh your knowledge at any time.

  • Access additional lessons to further your UX learning: Access over 80 video lessons, including additional UX/UI design course content for ‘just in time’ training when you need it
  • Refresh learning at any time: Revisit specific video lessons for up to 12 months so you don’t have to recall everything you learnt in the past when it’s crunch time
  • Downloadable digital templates: Hit the ground running and accelerate your progress with downloadable UX templates with video instructions
  • Online UX community: network with others, share ideas, challenges and successes in a safe online environment and learn from our UX coaches, students and alumni
  • UX certification preparation: Through the video lessons and study guides, learn everything you need to know to prepare to sit an external assessment to gain formal industry UX Certification

Our students work at


Meet Tania... Trainer and Principal

  • 20 years' experience as a user experience practitioner
  • Industry leader and presenter at UX conferences such as UX Australia Design Research
  • Delivered UX training to over 3,000 participants in Asia Pacific
  • Trained whole teams in UX such as ATO, Services Australia, CASA, ANZ, CommBank and several other government agencies and private companies
  • Founded PeakXD in 2003 - a leading Australian UX consultancy
  • Enjoys sharing UX stories from the trenches
  • Highly qualified: M. Bus. (Research) in User Behaviour, Grad. Cert. Human Factors, Grad. Cert in Arts (Marketing) and B.Sc.

Finished client projects


Students trained


Years of running UX courses


Post-it notes (and counting)


Entry requirements

  • A willingness to collaboratively learn and participate in interactive workshops via MS Teams

Once you start you need

  • A laptop or desktop computer for the online workshops
  • Internet access
  • A quiet place where you can participate virtually

You do not need

  • Coding or visual design skills
  • Any past experience in UX or design sprints
  • To buy any specialist software

Prices & Discounts

Any 1 short course: $245 AUD

plus GST = $269.50 AUD

General admission ticket price.

Each additional course* $195 AUD

plus GST = $214.50 AUD

Stack and save on all additional courses booked in the same booking. Limited tickets available.

* Please register at the same time to receive the discounted price.

Full series of 8 short courses $1,470 AUD

plus GST = $1,617 AUD

Book all courses in the series and save $490

Full Series + Digital Options Upgrade $1,760 AUD

plus GST = $1,936 AUD

8 courses plus 12 months online learning with access to downloadable study guides, and a practice exam. Does not include certification assessment fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

For people who purchase the optional Digital Options Upgrade ticket, you will be sent an email with your portal login details with access to the video lessons and templates on the first day of the course.

Our curriculum aligns with two industry certification syllabuses. After completing the 10 online courses (through the Digital Options Upgrade ticket), you will have everything you need to sit one, or both assessments to attain industry UX certification.

The British Computer Society's Foundation Certificate in User Experience. The exam assessment fee for this is £192 GBP. 

The User Experience Quality Certification Centre offer the UXQCC - Certified Professional for Usability Engineering - Foundation Level Certificate for €170 Euro.

For ticket sales over $500 - payment on invoice can be organised. Contact us to request this and we will create a custom invoice that you can give to your accounts area or manager to process the payment via EFT.

If your accounts area or manager prefers to pay the manual invoices via corporate credit card we can arrange that but credit card fees will apply as we use a separate secure payment gateway that charges ~1.9%.

We have had complete beginners as well as advanced UX practitioners complete our course and they all give us good course ratings. While it will help if you have experience or qualifications in either IT, digital, market research, psychology, social research or marketing, it is not essential. However, if you are side-stepping from a completely unrelated field and want to switch careers into UX, we recommend you join our UX Accelerator mentoring program instead.

If you are unable to attend for health reasons, including COVID, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Yes, you can get a Team Ticket if you have 4 or more people wanting to attend. Contact us to request a quote.

If you have more than 8 people interested in attending, you may also consider in-house training as a cost-effective approach. Please see Corporate Training Options

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