Usability testing deep dive. Learn to plan, design and conduct effective usability testing, then collaboratively design solutions.

What you will learn

  • How to design your test approach and write a UX test plan
  • Usability testing tools and technologies
  • How to build and run effective remote usability testing sessions to evaluate the usability of a site, app or system
  • Moderating usability testing and collaboratively interpreting findings
  • Strategies to engage stakeholders and build empathy
  • Design solutions that are not only possible, but based on real issues experienced by real users

Who this is for

  • UX designers
  • Product managers
  • User researchers
  • Project managers

1 Learn

Learn the theory in our online video tutorials, apply this learning using editable templates.

  • Video lessons:
    1. Standards and guidelines that UX practitioners follow
    2. 10 usability heuristics
    3. Accessibility testing and audits
    4. Different kinds of usability evaluation
  • Video lessons:
    1. Key steps for usability testing
    2. Writing a usability test plan
    3. Writing tasks for testing, recruiting participants and running a pilot
    4. Moderating test sessions
    5. Analysing and communicating results
    6. The what, when and how of usability testing
    7. Usability testing technologies

2 Apply

  • Implement UX in your own organisation with our support: Apply what you have learnt to your own organisation and access our UX community to get advice and support from trainers and peers
  • Refresh learning at any time: Revisit specific video lessons for up to 12 months so you don’t have to recall everything you learnt in the past when it’s crunch time
  • Downloadable digital templates: Hit the ground running and accelerate your progress with downloadable UX templates with video instructions
  • Online UX community: network with others, share ideas, challenges and successes in a safe online environment and learn from our UX coaches, students and alumni

Your Training Team

Mentors with 15+ years experience


Finished client projects


Students trained


Years of running UX courses


Post-it notes (and counting)


Entry requirements

  • A willingness to learn

Once you start you need

  • Computer (Mac or Windows)
  • Reasonable internet bandwidth (to watch videos)

You do not need

  • The ability to code
  • Visual design skills
  • To buy any specialist software

Register - UX, Usability Testing and Evaluation Training

UX, Usability Testing and Evaluation

Start Anytime

  • Access to the video tutorials and templates through the online portal for 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

After payment has been received, you will be sent an email with your portal login details with access to the video lessons and templates.

Yes, you can. Please contact us, let us know you want us to issue you an invoice for this training (and how many people you want to enrol), we will send you an invoice that you can then give to your accounts area or manager to process the payment via EFT.

If your accounts area or manager prefers to pay the invoice via corporate credit card we can arrange that but credit card fees will apply as we use a separate secure payment gateway that charges ~1.9%.

We have had complete beginners as well as advanced UX practitioners complete our course and they all give us good course ratings. While it will help if you have experience or qualifications in either IT, digital, market research, psychology, social research or marketing, it is not essential. However, if you are side-stepping from a completely unrelated field and want to switch careers into UX, we recommend you join our UX Accelerator mentoring program instead.

Yes, you can get a Team Ticket if you have 4 or more people wanting to attend. The team ticket allows you to buy 4 tickets for the price of 3. Please let us know if you would like to register 4 staff and we can create an invoice for you.