PeakXD has joined forces with to help our students source the perfect interview candidates for their projects. 

What is Askable? Askable is a platform which allows UX designers to take control of participant recruitment for user testing, face to face interviews or un-moderated online tasks. PeakXD students can now access this platform to post their ideal candidate's description and let Askable find them. 

Askable is for all research, great and small. Any UX designer, no matter how qualified, needs to gain a deep understanding of the user they are designing for. Every single project has a different kind of user, context, need and pain point you will need to discover. 

Askable assists in streamlining the recruitment process whilst also teaching our students important project management skills they will utilise throughout their careers. An array of Australian companies such as NRMA, Woolworths, Optus, Qantas and Domino's to name a few, have all utilised this platform to source testing candidates. 

We are excited to be collaborating with such a successful Australian startup that's helping shape the UXer's space. Together, we aim to help UX designers build their user experiences to be the best they can be. 

Now that you know what you do, name a more iconic duo, we'll wait. 

Want to know more or enjoy watching videos designed just for you? Then check out the video Askable prepared earlier, we think you'll like it.