Peak Usability is now PeakXD

Peak Usability is now PeakXD

Tuesday 6th of February 2018
Written by: Tania Lang

I am excited to announce Peak Usability has now been renamed PeakXD (short for Peak eXperience Design). Why?

When I started Peak Usability 15 years ago I actually named it UX consulting but no one knew what UX meant (User eXperience for those of you who don't work in the industry). Back then most people’s understanding of user centred design went as far as ‘usability’. And let’s face it, in 2003 there were a lot of really bad websites offering poor user experiences due largely to usability issues. User experience is so much more than usability and people understand that now.

What has changed?

Our focus has always been on user centred design: customer research, UX design and testing. In fact we have done many more research and design projects than testing projects and will continue to offer these services.

Our fundamental methods and approach have remained fairly consistent and have helped us ensure engaging user experiences through the introduction of new technologies and trends such as Web2.0, mobile and touch devices and now voice/conversational interfaces. The most exciting change I have seen in 15 years is the broad acceptance of UX and customer centred design. I now no longer have to tell people what it is and the benefits of this approach. The other main change we have experienced is the adoption of new tools and methods such testing/wireframing tools and customer journey mapping.

What will change?

I still have a passion for this field and enjoy working on many different projects that draw upon different disciplines and skills such as creative design, analytical skills, psychology and human behaviour, business process & management and technology knowledge.

As our team grows and we evolve in line with industry trends we are doing more projects involving customer journey mapping, customer insights, service design and even digital transformation.

We are also on the lookout for new tools and trends that allow us to do activities such as remote testing more effectively and cost effectively.

Looking to the future

Our mission and philosophy is to make the world a better place through the creation of engaging user experiences so don't ask us to increase conversion on your gambling app or market the benefits of building a new coal mine.

I look forward to exciting times and projects ahead with the great team of people I have at PeakXD and thank everyone who has supported us in the past.

Kind regards,

Tania Lang

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